What We Do

Clinical Services 


Consulting is like counseling but doesn’t focus on clinical concerns. We use a problem analysis/solution generation format. People ask us to help with single problems or a series of problems imbedded in a system. Sometimes we see people briefly and other times we work intermittently with people over a longer time. It just depends on what our customers want. Follow these links for more information.

Seminars and Professional Development

Over the years we have created numerous seminars and professional development programs for a variety of audiences. We offer these by scheduling and publicizing them or, at the specific request of organizations. If relevant, we arrange professional development credit, college credit, licensing credit, or certification credit for participants.

Adjunct Professors

Both of us work as adjunct professors at the University of Great Falls in Montana where we teach undergraduate Counseling Techniques and Group Counseling classes.  In these classes we teach students the core skills needed by counselors in working with their clients.  Some of these students are studying to become chemical dependency counselors, some work with incarcerated individuals at the state level, and others are working toward a master’s level of education and state licensure as an LCPC.

Head Start

As the Mental Health Consultants for the Northwest Montana Head Start since 2006, we stand on the front line of early identification and intervention.  We visit all sites, observe students in their classroom setting, collect data, and meet and consult with staff, parents, and administration relative to students’ needs. Then we plan in-house interventions, as well as make referrals for outside services when needed.

Early Childhood Project Trainer

Diana has been a licensed Montana Early Childhood Project trainer since 2004.  In this position she develops and offers training and professional development to all early childhood educators and licensed day care and preschool providers. We have developed an early childhood version of the seminar, Recognizing and Managing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Disorders in the School Setting, which we present periodically across Montana.

Past Projects

Running Start Program

Tom co-developed the Running Start Program at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana. This program gives our valley high school juniors and seniors a chance to earn dual credit and attend classes at the college. To get the high school credit, the classes have to meet a graduation requirement. These youngsters pay reduced tuition. They have to have a 3.0 gpa, pass a readiness placement test, and get a referral/recommendation from a teacher or school counselor. It’s a simple process and the teens we work with who pursue this opportunity LOVE it. They love being treated like adults, take unusual classes of a high quality, and they see their future clearly.

Montana Youth Court Research Project

In the year of 2000 we participated in a research project co-developed by the Montana Department of Corrections and the University of Great Falls in Great Falls, Montana.  We, and the other researchers, investigated the effectiveness of dispensations in the Youth Court arena and the rates of recidivism. In addition, the research team gave recommendations based on these findings.  In all, 11 youth court districts participated, three of which were in our region of western Montana.

We read hundreds of files of both open and closed cases and collected data. We, and other members of the team, analyzed the data and presented findings and recommendations the Montana Department of Corrections.

The data revealed that few of these dispensations included mental health involvement. The team recommended routinely adding family and individual counseling as a requirement, This resulted in a measurable increase in the inclusion of mental health services for youth involved in the Youth Court system.

The long term impact of this research project produced many changes that continue to emerge in our state’s Youth Court Service, even today.