Future Presentations

Recognizing and Managing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Disorders in the School Setting

Look for an updated format based on the DSM V which was recently released.

Consulting with Parents and Co-workers for School Personnel 

Difficult discussions require that professionals have strong skills for patience, compassion, listening, and word choice among others. This one day seminar presents the intricacies of excellent consultation to participants who can then return to any work setting and immediately put them to use with .positive outcomes

The Self-Regulated Child: Strategies for Parents and Other Important People in a Child’s Life

The foundation for developmental self-regulation needs to be laid in early childhood and often does not occur naturally. Knowing what the subcategories of self-regulation are and the specific techniques that maximize its development give parents and professionals strategies for success. Includes extensive assessment tools.

The Depressed Student

Depression is a disorder of motivation making even mildly depressed students challenging to teach. In this seminar we explain ways to optimize motivation for a depressed student and set up a learning system that diffuses the disengaged approach to learning that is characteristic of depression.

The Anxious Student

Anxiety is a beast. It gets in the way of everything when it has a foothold and thrives on doubt, avoidance and irrationality. It’s not hard to see how this impedes learning. There are things an educator can do to help the anxious student learn and often the strategies aren’t obvious. The “He should just/ She should just…..” approach doesn’t work and actually creates more resistance. Learn what to do in this seminar.

Your Very Own Private Practice

Ever dreamed of working for yourself? Have you wondered how others are doing it or whether you are “the type?” Anyone with the desire to create and run their own private mental health practice can learn how by spending a day with us. We will tell you about many angles of running this type of business, marketing, dealing with insurance companies, how to decide if you need/want employees, and how to power through the pessimism of others as you develop your plan.



Any of these presentations can be arranged for your organization. We can also custom design presentations based on your needs.

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