Recognizing and Managing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Disorders in the School Setting

Mission Statement

Our mission for developing and presenting this seminar is to carve away the stigma that surrounds mental health.  We also want to bridge mental health and education with solid information relevant to both fields.


Our first presentations took place in 2001 at four sites in western Montana.

Since the beginning we have presented to participants in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, and Arizona.

As we added information, the original one day presentation quickly bloomed to become two days.  The text is now in its 4th edition.

Your feedback tells us that the topic is timeless and that the value of this information is universal.

Benefit to You

The information we present comes from research and our experiences in the field.  As new information emerges, we add it based on its worth to you.

Our intervention planning format comes directly out of scientific problem solving and solution generation methodology.  We have simplified the process to make it easy for you and your team to use. Anyone taking this seminar will leave with the information, assessment tools, and ability to put all they have learned to use as soon as they return to their school or setting.


Montana K-12 Classroom Teacher “This is the most helpful PIR (Pupil Instruction Related) I have ever taken.”

Montana K-12 Classroom Teacher “Thank you so much.  I only wish I had learned this info early in my career.”

Washington Mental Health Professional “This was an incredibly useful conference.  It was well planned, organized, and developed toward a  very useful process built on a strong, holistic, assessment foundation. Great job! Thanks!”

Washington Mental Health Professional “Great topics!  I would like to see a larger seminar to get  the message and information out.  This should be a mandatory course for all teachers and administrators.”

Arizona High School Guidance Counselor “Thank you – I got what I hoped to get.  I will recommend this for our school”s intervention team.”

Montana Administrator “Thanks for the great info – I wish you both worked closer to our school so we could refer some students to you!”

Arizona Special Ed Teacher “This is my first conference as a Special Ed Teacher and I absolutely loved it!  Thank you!”

Montana School Specialist “I’m impressed with the opportunity to contact you for follow-up or any questions. Much appreciated!”

Montana K-12 Classroom Teacher “This was awesome – thank you for all of your input!”

Washington K-12 Classroom Teacher “I really enjoyed the presenters and their caring/genuine concern for patients and educators dealing with similar situations.”

Idaho K-12 Classroom Teacher “Excellent – This was informative and very well presented. I would love a session #2.”

Washington Mental Health Professional “This has been the best organized seminar I’ve been to.”

Arizona Mental Health Professional “I learned so much because few seminars I hear about address this part of education.”

Montana K-12 Classroom Teacher “I wish there were more seminars like this available to educators for training.”

Idaho K-12 Classroom Teacher “I liked the presenters, the information, and visiting with other professionals.  Very informative – thanks!”

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