Psycho-educational Evaluation

Assessing Education Challenges

Private Psycho-educational Evaluation

Education doesn’t always go well and we frequently get asked to assess the problem to help people find solutions. These requests come from parents, schools, college students, and adults. A comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation includes the following.

  •  Assessing innate learning ability
  •  Assessing current academic functioning
  •  Assessing for possible mental health conditions since they interfere with learning
  •  Determining if a learning disability exists
  •  Interviews with client and parents
  •  A report for the school and one for the individual or parents
  •  Recommendations for accomodations if indicated
  •  Attendance at school meetings

This is a thorough process.  After a psycho-educational evaluation a person knows quite a bit about their learning style and ability. They learn how to accomodate for problems and how to advocate for themselves in any learning setting.

We have had many chances to watch people come in frustrated with their education, discouraged, and maybe even defeated. After an evaluation they find out they CAN continue with school and have the success they always wanted.

School Evaluations

Tom evaluates students who have IEPs, or might need one in the school setting.  He does this work outside our office, in the schools that contract him for this service.  The process is the same as above

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