Counseling? You can’t beat it. We have fun, solve problems, put lives back together, and, did we mention that we have fun?

Counseling at Auerhammer Professional Services
“I love this couch!” people tell Diana

Sometimes people are unsure about what counseling is or what it has to offer. Sometimes they are scared. So, in the very first session we talk about this. Before we can get down to business, we – and the clients – build a plan that fits the client’s personality and style.

We believe in blending theories and techniques. That means we pay close attention to our clients and how they think so we use the best techniques for each person. Think how important this is. If we chose techniques alien to the client’s world we might as well be speaking Martian. Some people are doers and others are thinkers. Trying to make thinkers behave like doers is very hard on both client and therapist.

auerhammer professional services Tom's chairs
Tom’s Swivel Chairs-the Best!

Some of our favorite approaches include cognitive-behavioral therapy, brief therapy, client centered, solution focused, and addictive voice recognition for people dealing with substance and behavioral excesses.

Diana: I have training in hypnotherapy through the Erickson Institute and use this with people who are interested. I also use art therapy and play therapy.